At OMSNIC, our mission is not only to protect, but also to serve the OMS community. OMSNIC has a number of resources which are available online that residents may find useful.


OMSNICase is a collection of informative, real-life patient case studies submitted by oral and maxillofacial surgery residents, faculty and clinicians. The case studies represent challenging clinical cases, complications and outcomes and can be used to assess and encourage diagnostic and treatment decisions.


OMSNIC offers an additional 5% premium credit for residents who have completed our online resident-specific risk management series. For more information, click here.


The bi-monthly Monitor newsletter contains articles with a risk management focus. With regular features such as a Closed Claim Summary and Staff Corner, the newsletter provides information on risk management, regulatory and legal issues that are of importance to Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeons.


OMSNIC developed the Resident Surgical Log system as a convenient way for residents to record and maintain accurate, real-time records of their surgical experience. It contains pull-down menus for program-specific faculty and treatment facilities, in addition to ICD-9 diagnostic codes, CPT/CDT procedure codes, as well as off-service anesthesia codes. The reports generated from the RSL enable residents to track accreditation requirements.


These resources are available in the OMSNIC Resource Center to any resident who participates in the Resident Surgical Log, or who signs in as a guest user to the OMSNIC website.



Jeffrey Stone, DMD, MD
Member, OMSNIC Risk Management Committee


Prescribing opioids is something we do every day in our practices, and the vast majority of OMS do it properly. Nonetheless, we may inadvertently be contributing to what is now considered an epidemic of opioid abuse in this country.


Every time we use anesthesia, we titrate the dose and administration according to the patient’s history, physical condition and other factors. We carefully outline the risks and necessary after-care. Most would agree that when it comes to the administration of anesthesia, “one size fits all” does not apply. Shouldn’t we approach prescribing postoperative opioids in a similar way?






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OMSNICase is a collection of informative, real life patient case reports and studies. If your residency program has an interesting case that is well documented with photographs, we'd love to hear about it. To submit a case for your residency program, please refer to our OMSNICase Submission Guidelines to begin. You can contact RM@OMSNIC.com for a PowerPoint template to use to build your presentation. If your case is selected to be part of our "OMSNICase" series we will send your residency program $1,000.


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