Changes at the DEA That Can Affect Your Practice


Beginning January 1, 2017, changes regarding the renewal of your DEA Registration go into effect. It is important to remain diligent and keep track of your DEA Registration renewal date as failing to do so can directly impact your practice. For more information regarding renewing your DEA Registration and how to file new Registration applications please visit:






New Spanish Translated Informed Consent Forms Are Now Available


The English OMSNIC procedure specific informed consent forms have been translated into Spanish and are now available for download. You can access these forms by logging into our website using your User ID and password and clicking on the Spanish Forms link on the left side of the page. The new Spanish forms mirror the English forms (a feature that will greatly assist you when addressing a Spanish speaking patient) and they are customizable, so feel free to add your office logo.




New 5% Premium Credit Course Available: RMC 413- Patient Safety and Risk Management for the OMS


RMC 413 illustrates contemporary day-to-day risks in the OMS practice through detailed analyses of claim examples. Complete the course today to earn or renew your 5% premium credit on your policy for the next three policy periods.


View the course.




New Resident 5% Premium Credit Course: RES 101-Protecting your Patients and your Assets


In RES 101, practicing OMS and an insurance agent share their experience and wisdom to help residents understand the importance of insurance, not only to protect your license, but also your assets.


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New Staff Course Available: STF 101-Protecting Your Patients through Team Risk Management


A course developed to address risk management issues that confront OMS office staff. The course will discuss patient communication challenges, documentation and informed consent do’s and don’ts, HIPAA/HITECH basics, as well as emergency prevention and preparedness.


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New HIPAA Introduction Course Available


This course will address and explain basic HIPAA requirements and provide recommendations to help healthcare professionals comply with the rules and regulations set forth by the statute. Privacy, security, and HITECH regulations will also be discussed and practical applications of these requirements will be offered to help enable healthcare professionals to protect patient information.


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