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These agents can provide oral and maxillofacial surgeons OMSGuard™, the best service possible for professional liability needs, and also save time and money by offering experienced advice on all aspects of insurance for OMSs, not just on OMSNIC coverage.


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Jeffrey Stone, DMD, MD
Member, OMSNIC Patient Safety and Risk Management Committee


Within the Patient Safety and Risk Management Department of OMSNIC and at our live seminars, we routinely emphasize the importance of communication. A notable study from Rochester University found 71% of liability cases are initiated because of a communication failure between the doctor and the patient.


Communication is equally important with referring doctors. The ability to have and maintain open communication with referrals is essential to managing risk and ensuring the best possible care for our patients. Whether it relates to the most basic service we provide, or the most complicated treatment plan, communication helps to ensure the correct treatment is delivered. This is the proverbial “two-way street.”


The referring dentist ought to provide proper radiographs (when applicable), and accurate, clear written referrals to specialists. It is the responsibility of the OMS to confirm the requested procedure and its appropriateness. It is also our responsibility to discuss the treatment plan with the referring doctor if our findings suggest a different diagnosis, or if we feel a different treatment plan might be worthy of consideration. The OMS should have such a discussion with the referring doctor before expressing a difference in opinion to the patient. You want the patient to understand that their well-being and safety is your top priority and that you are communicating with their dentist to ensure that you are both “on the same page.”







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