Strong, Specialized Claims Defense. Statistics indicate that nearly one in ten oral and maxillofacial surgeons is sued each year. That means it is highly likely you will have to defend a lawsuit at least once over the course of your career. OMSGuard™ Claims Defense provides the strongest possible defense throughout the claim resolution process. We have a record of excellence successfully defending OMS for over 25 years. OMSGuard defense attorneys receive specialized clinical training in OMS claims that makes them uniquely effective as powerful advocates. They know the specialty and speak your language.


Peer Claims Review. OMSGuard is the only claims defense managed by OMS for OMS. Practicing oral and maxillofacial surgeons review our medical claims. The OMSNIC Claims Committee is comprised entirely of OMS who understand complex treatment decisions, in contrast to other insurance companies where business people make claims decisions.


In The Event of...


  • Death of a patient during or after treatment under any circumstances
  • Request(s) for release of medical records
  • Legal action against a colleague involving a patient you have treated
  • Receipt of a subpoena or suit papers
  • Contact by an attorney, peer review, state dental board or licensing agency
  • Request for compensation or refund from a patient
  • Any incident, adverse event or patient complaint that may later turn into a claim

Contact OMSNIC at 800-522-6670


Coping With Litigation

At times, and even with the best defense, the litigation process can be frustrating. As a company owned by OMS, with more than twenty-five years defending OMS, we understand this feeling better than anyone. It is not uncommon to feel overwhelmed or anxious following an adverse event or during the litigation process.


Physician Litigation Stress Resource Center

PhysicianLitigationStress.org is a website dedicated to helping doctors cope with the emotional impact of this process. The Physician Litigation Stress Resource Center is a not-for-profit website that provides physicians and other health care professionals with the resources they need to understand and cope with the personal and professional stress created by involvement in a medical malpractice case or an adverse outcome that may result in litigation. This site directs practitioners to articles, books, and websites addressing the process of litigation; suggests strategies for coping with the stress of litigation; and lists resources that may provide support for physicians and other health care practitioners throughout the ordeal of litigation.





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