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Dr. Silva is a general dentist in Edina, Minnesota


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Dr. Ed Silva


    I live in Edina, Minnesota. I came to the States as an exchange student from Spain and then stayed on for college. I obtained my DDS at the University of Minnesota.


    I practice general dentistry. My partner and I have had our practice for twelve years. I really enjoy the cosmetic cases, the before and after is very satisfying. I have had patients hug me they were so happy.


    I recharge by playing soccer. It’s a great stress reliever and mind cleanser. Our team has been together for 8 years, playing winter and summer. We have league games on Sundays and usually some beers afterwards.


    I love my children, spending time with them. I have two boys. We bike around the lakes, play soccer and go up to our cabin in Wisconsin to fish and jet ski.


    I plan to expand our practice to a network of offices in the metro area. We have two offices now, and plan to add a third soon. I like the business side of dentistry.


    I hope to see my children develop into good people and guide them to achieve their goals. I can see having grandkids.


    I admire my patients. Sometimes they have to sit for hours and they rarely complain.

Dr. Silva soccer

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