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Dr. Halik is a pediatric dentist in Fairport, New York


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Dr. Lynne Halik


    I live in Fairport, NY with my husband and two kids. We lived in England and Japan while I was in the US Air Force. It was a way to travel and be a dentist.


    I practice pediatric dentistry. I started my own practice so I could have more autonomy and have my kids with me. My daughter says it was great to be raised in a dental office!


    I recharge with music. I’ve always played in orchestras, bands, quartets. Music is part of my family. I play the cello at church with my daughter Wendy and enjoy watching my son Scott play trombone.


    I love seeing my patients’ senior pictures, we get new ones for the wall every year. It’s incredible to see them grow up.


    I believe in volunteering. During my year as President of our District Society, we started a community program called “Give Kids A Smile Day.”


    I hope to go to Africa someday with our church to help a Methodist Minister we know in the Congo.


    I admire anyone who can keep their family happy and their career going. My husband Jeff is a tremendous help, he’s always been very supportive.

Dr. Halik cello Marathon

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