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Dr. Christian practices general and cosmetic dentistry in Dallas, Texas


I recommend Fortress professional liability coverage. I chose Fortress after discussing it with fellow faculty at Baylor. The coverage is broad, and I feel comfortable knowing I have a trusted provider.

Dr. Melisa Christian


    I live in Dallas, Texas. There is wonderful opportunity here, and diversity. There is also a really great running community.


    I practice in a general dentistry office with the most supportive and energetic staff. I became interested in dentistry after meeting a dentist who inspired me by the way he made his patients feel so comfortable.


    I recharge by running. It’s an avenue to find your inner strength and do things you never thought possible. I compete in marathons and triathlons, and I also volunteer coach. In 2008, I competed in the Olympic Marathon Trials in Boston.


    I love teaching. I’ve taught second year students at Baylor College of Dentistry how to design and fabricate removable prosthodontics. It was an amazing experience! I’d love to teach again when I have more time.


    I hope to make a difference in my patients’ lives. Dentistry is more than restorations, it’s caring for people. Making patients comfortable and helping them trust me is as important as making their smile beautiful.

Dr. Christian Boston Marathon

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