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Dr. Boyar is a general dentist in Delray Beach, Florida


I recommend Fortress for professional liability coverage. They specialize in dentistry, so they understand our language. In fishing, bring foul weather gear and it won’t rain. In dentistry, you need to get the right protection for peace of mind.

Dr. Frank Boyar


    I live in Delray Beach, Florida. I like the laid-back style. I’ve been here for 30 years, bought my practice from my mother’s dentist.


    I practice general and geriatric dentistry. With many of my patients, I’ve seen three generations in the family.


    I’ve always volunteered in the community. I’m a past president of Project Dentist Care, and I helped to expand the program.


    I recharge by fly fishing, especially in salt water flats. It’s the most technically demanding type of fishing, a lot like hunting. It’s all catch and release, and generally we target bonefish, permit, or tarpon.


    I hope to enjoy my family for years to come. I’m trying to balance things now, spend more time with my grandchildren and fish more.


    I plan to find a dentist interested in taking over my practice. I’d like a smooth, long transition.


    I admire Monroe Farber, the “Dean of Dentistry” in Palm Beach County. He was a founder of the Pankey Institute and a model citizen and mentor.




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