At Fortress Insurance Company, our goal is to protect the profession of Dentistry. Fortress is a provider of Professional Liability Insurance for general dentists and dental specialties. We are owned and operated by dentists, and we only insure dentists.


Dentists also comprise much of our Board of Directors, and our entire national Advisory Board, so we know firsthand how to protect your reputation and future. Our dedication to dentistry has led us to develop a winning strategy that is twofold: protection and defense.


Through our comprehensive risk management program, we help educate our insureds and their staff about risk management techniques that enhance patient care and help reduce liability exposure. Our risk management education, which is available through both live and on-line seminars, is presented by dentists, attorneys and risk managers. Our courses offer you the opportunity to earn CE credits and a renewable 10% premium credit on your policy.


Effective January 1, 2017, you can take advantage of an alternative option to earn a 10% risk management premium credit on your policy. Complete any one-hour course in the Fortress e-Learning Center to earn a 10% premium credit on your Fortress policy for one policy period. Complete a different course each year to renew your credit. You will also earn one CE credit upon completion of each course.


You will continue to have the option to earn a 10% risk management credit for three consecutive policy periods upon completion of RMC 315 in the e-Learning Center, or by attending a live, three-hour risk management seminar. You will also earn three CE credits upon completion of each course.*


Our online Risk Management courses are now available through the Fortress e-Learning Center. The e-Learning Center features recorded live seminar sessions and narrated PowerPoint presentations designed to be more interactive and engaging. You will also be able to email Fortress Risk Managers with questions.


*All courses must be completed within 90 days of the effective date of the policy in order to receive the credit for that policy period. State rules and regulations may vary.

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