Your Fortress policy provides defense coverage for many types of dental board claims related to patient bodily injury. Fortress will appoint an attorney to represent you in instances where a patient has filed a complaint against your license that involves a claim of bodily injury resulting from your care and treatment.


Your attorney will assist you in responding to the complaint and represent you at any definitive hearings. Frequently, your attorney will continue to represent your interests after the hearing to secure the most favorable outcome for you. Fortress will pay for your attorney, as well as other expenses associated with defending the allegations made against you, up to the applicable policy limits of this coverage.


Coverage for the defense of dental board claims will assist you in defending your license, and therefore, your livelihood. The expense payments made under this coverage are not reportable to the National Practitioner Data Bank. Note that this coverage does not include the payment of fines, penalties or other amounts levied against you.




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